Exploring the Ultimate Comfort: Everything You Need to Know About Divan Beds with Mattress

Exploring the Ultimate Comfort: Everything You Need to Know About Divan Beds with Mattress


A divan bed base is made from a wooden structure, surrounded by a layer of soft filling, and then upholstered in fabric. The base is constructed to the exact measurements of a mattress, making it more compact than standard bed frames and creating a finely clean and minimalist aesthetic. These beds commonly have customization options which as a result helps people to match their preferences and bedroom decor. Moreover, divan beds often contain built-in storage solutions, like drawers, or slide-and-lift mechanisms. It provides feasible space-saving solutions. Divan beds are a perfect example of comfort, adaptability, and functionality, making them a popular bedroom choice.

Benefits of a Divan Bed Frame:

Benefits of a Divan Bed Frame

Here are some key advantages of divan bed frames:

  • Support and Comfort: Divan beds usually have a strong platform base which gives great support for mattresses. It plays an important role in weight distribution and minimizes pressure points, leading to better spinal alignment and providing comfort during sleep. The solid construction of divan bases also helps to prevent sagging, extending the lifespan of your mattress.
  • Durability: Divan beds are well-known for their durability because of their firm construction. The base is generally made of solid wood or metal which provides a stable foundation for your mattress. Furthermore, many divan bases have storage options, such as drawers or ottomans, which are built to resist constant opening and closing, influencing the overall longevity of the bed frame.
  • Space-saving Features: One of the best benefits of divan beds is their space-saving design. The built-in storage options help you to make optimal use of your available bedroom space. Whether it’s additional drawers for storing bedding, clothing, or other stuff, or an ottoman base for larger items, divan beds provide convenient storage solutions without compromising on their beauty.
  • Versatility: Divan beds come in many sizes, styles, and designs. That’s the reason it is suitable for any bedroom decor design. Whether you want a minimalist modern appearance or a more traditional charm, there’s a divan bed to complete your style. Additionally, divan bases are often customizable, enabling you to pick from a range of upholstery fabrics and headboard designs to form a unique look for your bedroom.

Sizes of Divan Beds:

Here are the standard sizes of  divan beds in the UK:

Bed SizesFeet InchesCentimeters
Small Single Divan Bed2ft6″ x 6ft3″30″ x 75″75 x 190cm
Single Divan Bed3ft0″ x 6ft3″36″ x 75″90 x 190cm
Small Double Divan Bed4ft0″ x 6ft3″48″ x 75″120 x 190cm
Double Divan Bed4ft6″ x 6ft3″54″ x 75″135 x 190cm
King Divan Bed5ft0″ x 6ft6″60″ x 78″150 x 200cm
Super King Divan Bed6ft0″ x 6ft6″72″ x 78″180 x 200cm

How to choose the right divan bed size?

Some tips on selecting the right divan bed for your home are here:

#1: Measure the Dimensions: 

Above all, to find the ideal divan bed for your room, measure the width and length of the space. It will help you decide the bed size that will suit you best.

#2: Consider the Height: 

It’s necessary to take into account the height of the bed when calculating the area. Most beds are approximately 16 to 18 inches high, but some can be shorter or taller based on the brand.

#3: Notice Other Furniture or Decor: 

Remember to consider any furniture or decor that can be in the space when estimating the room. This may be nightstands, dressers, bookshelves, etc. Just make sure that you leave sufficient space for these things once the bed is in the spot.

#4: Check the Entrance: 

Measure the entrance to the room too. This will ensure that the bed can shift easily through the doorway and then into the room.

#5: Review Your Needs: 

Think about your needs. It will give you an idea of which type of bed fits you, whether you want additional storage space or need a bed with a mattress for comfort and support.

#6: Consider the Price: 

You also have to keep in mind about your budget. Divan beds may vary in price from really cheap to quite costly, so you should consider how much you can afford to pay.

#7: Check the Warranty: 

Before purchasing a divan bed, check the guarantee. The majority of high-quality beds come with a warranty including any defects in manufacture.

Storage Options:

Storage Options

There are various options available with unique benefits, when it comes to divan beds with storage.

Ottoman Divan Bed

  • Divan ottoman beds have a hinged base with a vast storage part underneath when we lift it. It is ideal for storing larger stuff like luggage, spare bedding, or seasonal clothing.

Drawer Divan Beds

  • Drawer divan beds come with built-in drawers on one or both sides. These drawers give accessible storage for smaller items such as shoes, clothing, or accessories, enabling easy arrangement and accessibility.

Lift-up Divan Beds

  • Lift-up divan beds come together with the features of ottoman and drawer divan beds, including a hinged base and built-in drawers. This flexible design provides maximum storage space with a smooth and classy look.

Divan Beds with Mattress:

When considering a divan bed purchase, it’s normal to inquire about the availability of mattress choices and the advantages of purchasing a complete set. Here’s what you need to know:

Availability of Divan Beds with Mattresses:

Many retailers provide divan beds as complete sets with matching mattresses. This simplifies the purchasing process and guarantees that the mattress is appropriately matched to the divan base. Furthermore, customers can usually select from a variety of mattress types, like pocket sprung, memory foam, or hybrid, to fit their comfort preferences.

Advantages of Purchasing a Divan Bed and Mattress Set:

Here are some benefits of purchasing a divan bed and mattress set:

Compatibility:Purchasing a divan bed and mattress set ensures compatibility between the two parts. Since divan bases are specially created to support mattresses, pairing them with a compatible mattress can improve comfort and longevity.
Convenience:Buying a complete set removes the need to shop for a mattress individually, saving time and effort.It also makes sure that both the bed base and mattress are delivered together, simplifying the delivery process.
Cost-effectiveness:Retailers usually offer bundle discounts or special announcements for divan bed and mattress sets.It makes them a cost-effective choice related to buying each component individually.
Warranty Coverage: Buying a divan bed and mattress from the same retailer can allow you to have a complete warranty that covers both components. This provides peace of mind knowing that any feasible issues with either the bed base or mattress can be tackled under the same warranty terms.

Incorporating Headboards:

Incorporating Headboards

Divan beds with headboards have a broad range of features that make it unique from traditional bed frames. Divan beds with headboards have a stylish, modern look that can quickly improve your bedroom’s appearance. Its sleek lines and modern aesthetic make it ideal for a variety of interior designs. Whether you want a minimalist, classic, or Scandinavian appearance, divan beds with headboards easily complement any bedroom decor. 

The headboard-equipped divan beds are extremely cozy. Its high-quality construction and carefully selected materials give great support and padding, ensuring a good night’s sleep. The headboard allows you to lie back comfortably during a book reading or watching your favorite show in bed. 

The Divan bed with headboard has an important benefit when it comes to space-saving design. As compared to conventional bed frames with footboards, the Divan bed excludes the requirement for extra floor space. That’s the main reason the divan bed is an ideal choice for smaller bedrooms. Several manufacturers allow you to customize your Divan bed headboard. To fit your style and bedroom decor, you can select from a collection of materials, colors, and patterns. Mattresses of all kinds, including memory foam, spring, and hybrid mattresses, are suitable with divan beds having headboards. However, it’s necessary to check the manufacturer’s suggestions to ensure exceptional mattress support and longevity.

Distinguishing Divan Beds from Ottomans:

Distinguishing Divan Beds from Ottomans

Divan beds are superb because:

  • Storage Solutions: Convenient built-in drawers on Divan beds are ideal for hiding away blankets and bed sheets. Some even offer additional storage beneath with a slide-and-lift mechanism. 
  • Looks That Match: You can find divan beds in many fabrics and colors, so it’s easy to complement your bedroom’s style, whether you want a classic style or a more modern vibe.
  • Support and Comfort: A divan bed provides your mattress with excellent support, allowing it to retain its shape and provide a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Easy to Keep Clean: A divan bed is very easy to clean. Simply vacuum the fabric or wipe it down with a moist towel to give it a fresh appearance. 

Ottoman beds are a smart choice for those who need:

  • More Storage Space: Ottoman beds have a big storage cabin under the mattress and base, ideal for hiding away lots of stuff.
  • Space Saver: They’re perfect for small rooms because they make the most of available space without adding mess.
  • Modern Style: Ottoman beds usually have a smooth, minimalist design that can provide your bedroom with a contemporary feel.
  • Simple Access: Due to its hydraulic mechanism, opening and closing an ottoman bed to get to your stored things is easy.

Choosing between the two depends on:

  • Storage You Need: If you need to store a lot of items, an ottoman bed could be the ideal option. However, a divan bed with drawers might be useful if you just require a small amount of additional space. 
  • Room Size: If your bedroom is small, an ottoman bed saves space. In a larger room, a divan bed provides storage and flexibility.
  • Style Preferences: Select a divan bed for classic features and customization options, or an ottoman bed for modern simplicity.
  • Budget: Consider what you can afford. Both types vary in price, so choose one that suits your budget.
  • Ease of Use: If you need quick access to your stored items, the ottoman bed’s easy lifting might be more convenient.
  • Maintenance: Both are easy to care for, but ottoman beds might need a little extra attention because of their lifting mechanism.
  • Assembly: Check how much effort it requires to put the bed together. Some ottoman beds need more assembly due to their hydraulic system.

Customization: If you like selecting fabrics and designs, go for a divan bed. Ottoman beds concentrate more on practicality.

Drawer Sizes in Divan Storage Beds:

Divan storage beds are famous for their functionality, giving precious storage area beneath the mattress. These beds’ drawer sizes can change depending on several factors. Drawer sizes are usually chosen to provide maximum storage capacity while ensuring ease of access. 

The dimensions of drawers in divan storage beds are generally affected by the bed size itself. For example, drawers in a single-sized divan bed might be narrower than those in a king-sized divan bed. Manufacturers commonly aim to maximize the space accessible while maintaining a symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing design.
Furthermore, various manufacturers can have their specifications for drawer sizes depending on their bed designs and customer choices. Some may choose larger drawers for bulkier items, while others may select smaller drawers for better arrangement of smaller belongings.

Finding Your Perfect Divan Bed Base:

Selecting the right divan bed base is essential for both comfort and style in your bedroom. Here’s a guide to help you  make a perfect decision:

  • Start by considering the design that matches your bedroom decor. Whether you pick a soft contemporary look or a more traditional style, reliable bed experts can provide a variety of designs to fit your taste.
  • Material is another crucial factor to weigh. Divan bed bases can be made from many materials like metal, wood, or upholstered fabric. Each material has its unique charm and durability, so pick one that aligns with your preferences and budget.
  • Budget considerations are necessary when choosing a divan bed base. Reputable bed experts like Sphynx Beds provide a range of options to accommodate different budgets without compromising on quality.

Sphynx Beds offers a wide selection of divan bed bases to satisfy various preferences. Their range includes options in different materials, designs, and price points, ensuring there’s something for everyone.


Divan beds with storage provide both convenience and practicality, making them an ideal option for bedroom transformation. From understanding the sizes of drawers to choosing the ideal bed base, there are several factors to consider. Divan beds with mattresses get together comfort, practicality, and style for modern bedrooms. Whether it’s maximizing space in a cozy apartment or raising the charm of a spacious bedroom, the versatility and comfort of divan beds make them an effective choice for everyone.

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