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What is a Divan Bed

A divan bed has two parts: a divan bed base has a structure of a strong wooden frame covered in fabric and a matching mattress. Generally attached on castor wheels and frequently includes storage in drawer form. Divans are much lighter than traditional bases that’s the reason they are very easy to move. A good mattress supports your body when you sleep, reduces pressure points, and helps to maintain your spine in proper alignment. Additionally, it can help to reduce back pain and improve comfort. A cozy bed can help to decrease tossing and turning, which directly leads to better sleep.

History of Divan Bed

By the middle of the 18th century, the divan bed has grown to be a popular and widely recognized style of bed base. It is connected with the 1820s and 1850s when the romantic era was at its peak throughout Europe.

Evolution of divan bed in the UK

Divans have changed significantly over the years in the UK. Historically, they were simple, functional bases with hidden storage areas. However, the divans also evolved along with trends. From sleek, modern looks to more classic vibes, there is a wide range of designs and styles available today to suit every home. Nowadays, you can choose the fabric, color, and even the number of drawers to precisely match your space—this customization trend is quite popular. Furthermore, with new features such as USB charging ports and built-in speakers, divans continue to evolve into the future while keeping your bedroom clean. 

Their popularity is not simply due to historical importance; it also comes from their versatility. This mentality gave rise to the Drawer Divan. Adding hidden drawers built directly into the bed's base, the Drawer Divan gives an ideal solution for storage problems, helping householders to use every inch of their bedroom effectively while keeping a smart and neat impression.

Divan manufacturers are using eco-friendly materials and procedures as sustainability gains importance, ensuring that your comfort doesn't come at the sacrifice of the environment. And with the convenience of shopping online, having your ideal divan delivered right to your home has never been easier. Thus, the UK's evolution of divans provides enough for everyone, whether you want more storage, trendy design, or are concerned for the environment.

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The Science of Comfort

Comfort is not only a feeling, it’s a science and your selection of bedding stuff plays an important role in attaining the ideal balance. If you are alive till 70 age then you’ll spend an average of 26 years sleeping. You’ll spend more time in bed than in any other location throughout your lifetime. That’s the reason to find the right bed for you. Ergonomics is the science of equipment design, which makes certain that furniture is designed to enhance productivity and hold comfort for the user. This is particularly necessary for bedroom furniture design because it affects directly our health and rest. The bed's design with adaptable features like bed frames and headrests, permits individuals to find their ideal sleeping position, resulting in maximum comfort. A decent pillow can also help decrease pressure on your hips, neck, shoulders, and back. Your pillow will impact your quality of sleep, how well you perform the next day, and your overall energy—support for your head and neck ease to maintain the correct structure of areas of the spine. According to research, the appropriate bedding may boost your sleep quality by relaxing you and regulating your body temperature. But bad bedding may be the cause of tossing and turning.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Divan Bed

You need to keep in mind these factors while choosing a Divan bed:

    • Size and dimensions: Take the measurements of the length, width, and height of the room. Take note of windows, door spots, and any other fixed furniture. This will help you to decide the available floor space for your divan bed. It will save you time when determining the suitable bed size.

    • Material and construction: The materials quality used to make your divan bed is primary. If you’re seeking something that will last, it’s important to select a product made from sturdy and durable materials like metal or wood. These materials are well known for their longevity and can regularly withstand use for many years without displaying signs of erosion.

    • Storage options: When selecting a divan bed with storage, keep in mind what you need to store and how frequently you will need access to those items. You may need to store items like books, clothes, and others that you don’t use daily. If you want to store a lot of items then you must choose a divan bed with drawers. Furthermore, if you want easy and quick access to your stuff, drawers could be a more convenient option.

    • Design and style preferences: The design and style of your divan bed can significantly affect the overall elegance of the bedroom. Think about how your divan bed will be suitable according to the overall design scheme. Consider the color palette, other furniture piece styles, and any decorative elements available in the room. If you have children who could coincidently bump into it or spill drinks on them (or both). You may need an upholstered headboard so that they cannot get hurt by sharp corners or edges while lying down on the new mattress.

Types of Bases in Divan Beds:

A divan bed base (type of storage bed) is manufactured from a sturdy wooden frame with fabric surrounded and frequently comes with drawers hidden in the base. The frame can come in a diversity of colors, storage, styling, and feet options. They are the best choice for both function and style. This guide will help to clarify the comparison between our selection of divan bed bases to find the ideal bed for you. The famous choice in the UK of bed base is the divan style. They come in all shapes and sizes. A divan is a box on castor wheels or legs, which comes up with a base for a mattress. Here are the types of divan bases:

Platform top divan

A platform top divan gives a firm and supportive surface for your mattress. Also called a “boarded top” or “hardtop”. A platform top divan base bed is made with a wooden frame. The base is manufactured from a solid timber frame and a non-sprung panel top upholstered with a fabric cover. Due to the strengthened top, platform top divan bases make them perfect for people who suffer from back pain. A platform top divan is the most sensible choice and ideal for use with an orthopedic mattress. 

Sprung divan base

Sprung base divans are more costly but also a more luxurious choice, showing a top layer of shock-absorbing springs moving from edge to edge. Sprung base divans have two styles; sprung edge and firm edge, both offer softened support. Sprung top divan bases also referred to as sprung edge divan bases are also made with a wooden frame. Due to the merged spring unit, sprung top divan bases offer a softer top with extra support, that’s the reason your mattress feels slightly softer.

Reinforced divan base

As understandable from the name, a reinforced divan base is a base that normally features an upgraded wooden frame with double the quantity of strengthened and support sides. These bases don’t usually feature spring units. They have extra strong platform top divan bases with more wooden support slats moving over the top of the wooden base, below the carded top panel. The amount of weight that these divan bases can support will normally depend on the size e.g. single, double, or king size.

What Storage Possibilities within Divan Bases

Divan beds mostly have a lot of customizable options. If you require additional space then divan beds are perfect for you. Whether it’s drawers or other storage options, a high divan storage bed provides a convenient solution for cleaning up bedding, clothes, or other items, keeping your bedroom neat and organized.

One Drawer Left Side Perfect for solo individuals; an approachable drawer on the left side
One  Drawer  Right Side Ideal for those who choose the right side; gives fast storage access
Two Large Drawers Left Side On the left side for the bulkier items, Double the space
Two Large Drawers Right Side Right-side users acquire sufficient space with two large drawers
One Large Drawer and One Small Drawer Left Side A mixed space: larger stuff proceeds in the big drawer, while the smaller drawer for small items
One Large Drawer and One Small Drawer Right Side Same mix space, but customized for right-side individuals
Two Large Drawers  Foot Side Situated at the bed’s foot, it’s best for stuff you don’t need to use daily
Two Large and Two Small Drawers Both Sides Offers versatile storage, a balance of large and small drawers
Four  Large Drawers Both Sides Greatest storage for those with extra items to store from blankets to books, keep everything

Drawer storage

Drawer storage in your divan bed base is perfect if you have items you often need to access. Because of easy pull-out mechanisms, a divan bed with drawers is ideal for everyday stuff. Their availability ensures you don’t have to move around for what you want, keeping things like clothes and toys. If you are going to use under-bed storage regularly, then selecting drawer storage is best for you. 

5 Things People Often Keep in Divan Bed Drawers

Whether you prefer a single, double, or king-size divan bed for optimal storage, the options are endless. Here are the most frequent uses for bed storage:

#1: For Shoes and Accessories

Shoe storage beneath the bed is great, especially if your drawers are fitted. It means that if you need shoes, you can just sit at the foot of the bed and reach down to get your preferred pair. 

Having bed shoe storage is very useful if you prefer a minimalist look. With this hidden, well-organized solution, you can send away to visible racks or a row of shoes in the corner of your space.  

#2: For Bedding and Towels

Bed drawers are the ideal place to store bed linens! Want to know why? Because the drawers are deep and can save quilts, spare duvet sets, and duvets in a single area. Furthermore, the bedding will permanently be near your hand when it comes to altering the bed. Additionally, this will free up the area in your airing cupboard or on top of your closet, allowing you to hang extra clothes.  

#3: For Seasonal Clothing

Many of us will turn out our closets depending on the seasons. If you don’t have sufficient area in your closet because all are your favorite things then you need to keep the off-season items in your bed drawers.

#4: For Keepsakes or Paperwork

Many people hold to memories from the beginning of their lives, such as drawings made by their children, concert tickets, or photographs from their first date. However, deciding where to store them might be difficult. A storage bed with drawers might be a good choice because it helps you to store stuff safely. 

#5: For Gifts

Why not keep the gifts in the bed drawers below spare blankets or towels for extra safety? You can even hide them completely with a curtain sheet. Because of the additional space they provide you may keep even more items than usual, which makes divan beds ideal for gift storage.

Variations of Divan Beds in Different Sizes

Divan bases are designed to fill less space than other bed frames and are the perfect choice for smaller bedrooms. A single divan bed will provide a great amount of storage space, just ensure you have sufficient space to extend the drawers fully.

Small Single divan bed

A small single divan bed size measures 2’6” x 6’3 (75 x 190 cm) which makes it perfect for rooms with limited space. These beds are suitable for children but can also be used by adults. Two small single beds are frequently carried in guest bedrooms to provide guests with their sleeping space while maximizing dimensions.small single divan bed


Single divan bed

A single divan bed is 3’0” x 6’3” (90 x 190 cm) and is a perfect option for many people, whether teenagers, adults, or children. If you have limited space or sleep alone, they’re best and bring a cozier feel from your bed.single divan bed

Small Double Divan Bed

A small double divan bed is estimated 4’0” x 6’3” (120 x 190 cm). With limited space, if you have teenagers, or sleep alone and like a little more space, this could be an ideal bed size for you. Small double divan beds can also be best for couples. They are a popular option for guest bedrooms, particularly those with convenient built-in storage.small double divan bed

Double divan bed

The double divan bed measures 4’6” x 6’3” (135 x 190 cm) and gives more space than the previous options. It is perfect for couples who need a little more space when sharing a bed, or for solo sleepers who like to extend.

double divan bed

King-size divan bed

The king-size divan bed measures 5’0” x 6’6” (150 x 200 cm). It is fit for couples who need even more space, taller people, or individuals with a bigger form. King-size beds are the best option for parents who have young children with them during the night. king size divan bed

Super-King divan bed

The super king divan bed is the biggest of all UK bed sizes, at 6’0” x 6’6” (180 x 200 cm). It provides the most comfort and space. It also makes a real focal point in the bedroom.super king size divan bed

Simple Decorating Ideas for Your Divan Bed

When you invest both time and money in searching for the ideal divan bed, it’s only good that you select some trendy bedding to go with it. Decorating your divan bed in an attractive style will transform it into a stunning focal point in your cool bedroom. 


Divan beds fit common UK mattress sizes, so your bedding options are not restricted. 

A trim-edged cushion and duvet set will produce a more classic style, while colorful and vivid designs, such as on-trend tropicals, will add energy and color to the room. Crushed velvet and large knit blankets are great ways to add texture. Whenever you decide, don't be scared to deviate from your traditional taste to give your bedroom a fresh look. Additionally, you may store additional sheets in your divan bed's storage area and can easily choose another pair for a different look. 

While the decorative parts of beds can be more enjoyable to choose from, avoid ignoring the more practical factors when it relates to them, such as duvet tog and pillow fillings. 

Divan wrap

Wrapping the divan bed base, these smart wraps help you to alter your bedroom appearance in a few minutes.

Select a trendy color for the area, such as blush, sage, or grey, to bring modernism. Alternatively, go traditional with a deep brown that reflects dark wood, which was common in earlier periods of décor. You can choose from a variety of fabric forms, including cotton and sateen, and non-iron variants to create the ideal appearance for your divan bed.


Putting a headboard on your divan bed can be the most effective method of improving a previously simple design. Then determine how much space you have and start organizing. 

Assess both the practical and decorative features of the headboard. In addition to selecting a color, there are many different stylistic options. Therefore, whether you want a divided headboard or one with vertical lines and decorative gems, your ideal bed design can be created. The headboard, the included bolts, and a screwdriver are all that's required for the simple assembly process. 


If you're looking for the warmth of a divan bed with the appearance of a traditional bed frame, installing a headboard and footboard could be an option. A deep footboard will match any divan bed perfectly while providing your room with an attractive coherent feel if it suits your headboard. 

Maximizing comfort and space in your bedroom can be achieved with divan beds. It is understandable why these are the most popular beds in the UK, with so many options available in terms of sizes, designs, colors, and storage.

How to Assemble a Divan Bed:

By following these steps, you will be able to put a Divan bed together, easily tackle the Divan bed assembly process, and enjoy the style and comfort it carries to your bedroom.

Equipment and Materials

It’s necessary to assemble the essential equipment and materials before you start. For most divan beds, you will require the following:

    • Pair of Pliers

    • Screwdriver

    • Measuring Tape

    • Hammer

You must also have the following items:

    • Base

    • Screws and bolts

1. Unpacking and Preparation

Begin by clearing the area where your purpose is to assemble the divan bed. Arrange all the components, including the bed frame, bed slats, screws, headboard, and bolts. Look at the instruction manual and ensure that all components are present.

2. Bed Frame Assembling 

Initially, follow the instructions for assembling the main bed frame. Combine the frame pieces by using the screws and bolts. Moreover, make certain to tighten them firmly but not extremely tight because this can damage the structure.

3. Attach and Fit the Headboard

If your divan bed comes with a headboard then attach it by reading the instructions. The Cayenne Headboards are usually loosened as the bolts are tightened. Furthermore, arrange the headboard with the frame and use the bolts to attach them. You may need help in this step due to the weight and size of the headboard.

4. Installing Bed Slats

While laying the bed slats equally over the frame, ensure they fit into the specified slots. Some divan beds may have pre-drilled holes for the slats, while others may need you to place them manually. Additionally, check the instructions twice to do this step right.

5. Connecting Divan’s Parts

If your divan bed arrives in two separate parts (typically for larger sizes), arrange them correctly. Check the instruction manual to determine how they should be assembled. This may includes using locking mechanisms or brackets.

6. Securing Divan Sections

After aligning the Divan components, secure them as instructed. This could include using bolts or latches to prevent them from moving. Furthermore, you could verify that both parts are securely connected before proceeding.

7. Checking for Stability

Give the bed a lenient shake to ensure stability before proceeding. If it wobbles overly, check all the connections twice and tighten any loose bolts or screws.

8. Final Touches

When the major assembly ends, take some time to inspect the bed for any skipped steps. Moreover, tighten all bolts and screws one last time. Adjust the Divan bed drawers and clean the surface to remove dust or waste.

divan bed benefits

Benefits of Divan Beds:

Here are some benefits of Divan Beds:

Customization Options: Divan Beds provide customization options like different headboard styles or mattress firmness levels. You can select different fabrics, colors, and finishes for the base. Moreover, you can choose a headboard style according to your taste and enhance your bedroom decor.

Ease of Assembly: Divan beds are relatively simple to assemble because they usually arrive in two pieces, the mattress and the base. The base frequently comes in parts that can be smoothly attached. Moreover, it’s easy to change the position of divan beds because of their segmented and compact design.

Exceptional Support: Divan beds give great support for the mattress. The solid, firm base provides a strong foundation for the mattress, ensuring even weight distribution and maximum comfort. The mattress sits equally on top of the base, reducing sagging and increasing the mattress’s longevity.

divan bed with storage

Drawbacks of Divan Beds:

Some drawbacks of Divan Beds are as follows:

Reduced Under-Bed Space: One of the main drawbacks of Divan beds is the reduced under-bed space contrasted to other bed types like bed frames or platforms. The built-in drawers or storage chambers in divan bases could limit the space available under the bed. This can bother individuals who need spacious under-bed storage for items such as seasonal clothing, suitcases, or other belongings.

Cleaning Challenges: Divan beds, especially with storage drawers, can offer challenges when it comes to cleaning. Dust and waste may assemble in the storage sections over time, and accessing and cleaning these areas can be burdensome. Furthermore, the fabric used in divan bases may attract and preserve dust, requiring regular maintenance to keep the bed clean and hygienic.

Higher Price Tag: Divan beds usually arrive with a higher price tag compared to simpler bed frames or basic mattress and box spring setups. The incorporation of storage features and the use of quality materials in the base contribute to the uplifted cost. While the added storage can be helpful, buyers need to weigh the convenience of storage against the possible budget limitations.

Lack of Ventilation: Some divan beds may lack proper ventilation due to the solid base construction. This can bother individuals who prioritize airflow around the mattress to avoid issues such as mildew or mold. Bed frames with slats or platforms may give better mattress ventilation compared to divan bases.

Style Limitations: The design of divan beds may not attract everyone, as they often have a more traditional or practical appearance. Those with a preference for modern or minimalist elegance might find that divan beds do not align with their design preferences.

Maintenance and Longevity Tips

Maintaining your divan bed and mattresses is necessary for ensuring their longevity and overall performance.

Divan Bed Maintenance:

Here are some tips that help you to maintain your Divan Bed:

Regular Cleaning:

    • Regularly dust and vacuum the bed to avoid dust mites and allergens from assembling.

    • Use a soft brush attachment to clean the fabric or upholstery.


    • Rotate your mattress regularly to distribute wear equally, especially if it's a non-flip mattress.

Avoid Overloading:

    • Be aware of the weight on the bed. Prevent overburdening it, as excessive weight can strain the frame and springs.

Protect from Moisture:

    • Keep the bed away from direct sunlight and moisture, as these can harm the fabric and weaken the structure.

Check Casters and Legs:

    • Check the casters regularly, if your divan bed has them, and ensure they are secure. Check the legs for stability.

Handle with Care:

    • When moving the bed, lift it from the base instead of dragging it to prevent damage to the frame and casters.

Use a Mattress Topper:

    • Consider using a mattress topper to secure the mattress from stains, spills, and general wear and tear.

Mattress Maintenance:

Here are some tips that help you to maintain your Divan Mattress:

Rotate and Flip:

    • If your mattress is double-sided, rotate and flip it regularly to ensure even wear. If it's not, still rotate it to avoid uneven compression.

Use a Mattress Protector:

    • Invest in a good-quality, waterproof mattress protector to defend against stains, spills, and allergens.

Proper Bedding:

    • Use suitable sheets and bedding that suit the mattress accurately to prevent unnecessary stretching and wear.

No Jumping or Rough Play:

    • Discourage jumping on the bed, because this can lead to harm to the springs and other parts.

Ventilate Your Mattress:

    • Set your mattress by removing the bed linens and opening windows to promote airflow periodically.

Clean Stains Immediately:

    • Deal with stains quickly using a mild detergent or specialized cleaner suggested by the mattress manufacturer.

Temperature Control:

    • Keep your bedroom at a consistent temperature and humidity level to prevent the mattress from deteriorating.

Regular Inspection:

    • Look at any signs of wear, sagging, or damage, and manage issues rapidly to prevent further damage.

Comparing Divan Beds to Alternatives

Let's compare Divan Beds to some common alternatives:

1. Divan Beds vs. Platform Beds:

Divan Beds Platform Beds
Consists of a mattress and a base with storage drawers. Have a solid, flat surface to support the mattress, eliminating the need for a box spring.
Can have a traditional or modern design. Often have a modern and sleek appearance.
Often comes with a matching headboard. Allow for a variety of mattress types.
Provide additional storage space in the bedroom. May or may not have under-bed storage.

2. Divan Beds vs. Bed Frames with Box Springs:

Divan Beds Bed Frames with Box Springs
Include an integrated base, eliminating the need for a separate box spring. Consists of a separate bed frame, box spring, and mattress.
Offer built-in storage options. Often don't include built-in storage but may have space beneath for storage.
Tend to be lower in height compared to beds with box springs. Provide a higher bed height.

3. Divan Beds vs. Adjustable Beds:

Divan Beds Adjustable Beds
Typically have a fixed design and structure. Have a flexible design with an adjustable base that allows you to change the angle of the head and foot.
May not offer adjustable features for personalized comfort. Ideal for individuals with specific health or comfort needs. Often comes with massage and other features.
Suitable for various mattress types. Compatible with specific mattress types designed for adjustable bases.

4. Divan Beds vs. Storage Beds:

Divan Beds Storage Beds
Have built-in storage drawers in the base. May have features like hydraulic lift mechanisms for easy access to under-bed storage.
Offer convenient space-saving solutions. Can come in various styles, including divans.
Storage is typically located underneath the mattress. Offer storage space either underneath the mattress or as part of the bed frame.

5. Divan Beds vs. Futons:

Divan Beds Futons
Include a traditional bed frame and mattress. Tend to have a simpler and more compact structure.
May come with storage options. Have a convertible design that can serve as both a sofa and a bed.
Generally more suitable for permanent bedroom formats. Often used in multi-functional spaces like guest rooms or small apartments.


Divan beds stand out as the epitome of style, functionality, and an exceptional sleeping experience. Combining a mattress with an integrated base, divan beds provide a perfect and stylish design, often accompanied by a matching headboard. Their versatility with the addition of built-in storage drawers, provides a practical solution for those seeking both comfort and organization in their bedroom. With divan beds, users can enjoy a harmonious combination of style and practicality, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a cultured and functional sleeping solution.